TUTORIAL: Natural, Everyday Look

This is beautiful look x

I have finally perfected my everyday makeup, and feel ready to share it with you all! I usually wear these products when I don’t have that much time, but still want a complete look. It takes me about 30 minutes to do this, but there are definitely steps you can skip, or add, depending on how much time you have. I hope you enjoy reading!



To perfect my face makeup, the first thing I do is add a pore filling primer. This evens out any texture I have on my skin. The next thing I do is dot foundation on my face, and blend it out with either a damp beauty sponge…

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The Best Foundations for Oily & Acne Prone Skin 2018


Foundation for oily skin
1. Burt’s Bees 2. Huda Beauty 3. Charlotte Tilbury 4. Clinique 5. L’Oreal

Hey beauties 😀

Welcome back to my blog. So happy can write again in here, I’m so sorry sometimes I’m being busy but now it’s Friday let’s take a look for the best foundations for oily & acne prone skin. So who’s there? Absolutely me haha but you don’t have to worries I’m choosing some for you to wear for this weekend ❤ Let’s Have a Look!

Acne is the first skin ‘s problems for every peoples in this world. Definitely they experience about that. Acne it’s the condition where clogged pores and produce the inflamed pus pocket. Covering your acne on all of your skins surface it’s not a good idea for doing that you just need the foundation formula with the great ingredients without alcohol, perfume, and parabens free preferably in the presence of Salicylic Acid because, that ingredient can make your acne decreased for a while and you be able do make-up with beautiful results without scared with your skin can not breathe because of the foundation you use will clog your pores. And I want to post some great brands from Internationally brands. If you are Indonesians you can check also in your local stores for availability xx

  1. Burt ‘s Bees
burt's bees allure
Picture Source: Allure Mag

This Brand got the Beauty Award Winner as Allure Mag ‘s Mentioned in their website. They say ” you can expect this velvety soft powder to whip your T-zone into shape. You can either sweep on the velvety-soft powder with a fluffy brush for light coverage or dab it on with a damp Beautyblender for a full-coverage finish. ” We can expect from this foundation they have smooth texture, it’s still mattifying your skins but not make it crack so c’mon just add to cart for this Foundation ❤

2. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

huda beauy elle uk
Picture Source: ELLE UK

The founder of HUDA Beauty “Huda Kattan” she’s always creates the amazing make-up products and always launch new collections for her brand line. We love FauxFilter Foundation are you remember of emeraldxbeauty? I mean on her Instagram she’s has lot of acnes and she deals, loves, and as we seen she’s really beautiful with this foundation. Her skins more smooth, the coverage it’s full so you can covers it really well, and we recommend this to you x

3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

charlotte tilburry elle uk
Picture Source: ELLE UK

This foundation it’s amazing, they have a SPF 15 so you better wear this for day make-up when the direct sunlight reflect of your skin. This great for your oily skin, and it covers and conceal it better ❤

4. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-Up

clinique instyle au
Picture Source: InStyle Australia

If you are Indonesians you are often seen this foundation in SEPHORA or our locals store and online store. See this foundation has the Salicylic Acid for Acne treatment and it’s the best way to used it xx

5. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

loreal infalliblepro matte allure
Picture Source: Allure Mag

Who ‘s not love this brand? I’m the fan of this brand but I never try this foundation. My friends and some beauty bloggers said this great for oily skin and acne prone skin, but the results it’s not really matte which this result it’s semi matte not really oily and dry after used this. Better in 24 hours make-up ❤

So, we have picked some for you. And… what ‘s your fav for your face? Try it for sure ❤

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Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 3

Dear beauties, welcome back to my blog.So happy today I’m changing something new from my blog ‘s appearance wants to be more minimalists, fresh, and looking great for your eyes. And I want post again my tutorials in here, about my tutorial today I’m using the silvery white, icy blue, and black shadows from my eyeshadow palette.  So don’t forget to watching and hope you like it xx Enjoy your Friday ❤

ig new aig new b

Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 2


Dear beauties, welcome back to my blog x

So happy can write today 😉 I want to share the new eye make-up tutorial that I’ve got made yesterday in here i’m using the green, gold-ish, and black for my outer corner to make it the eye make-up so pop.  And if you want to watch just come to my YouTube channel, and I also post it on my Instagram account in @nadiavianimakeup. Thanks for watching hope you like it 😉

ps: want to likes watch Part 1 and other tutorials visits my Instagram or my YouTube channel

ig baruan 1ig baruan 2

Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 1


Dear beauties! Welcome back to my blog today I want to post a new tutorials that I’ve got posted it yesterday and it was called “Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 1” and this is the new part from my eye tutorial. I used the sparkling and put some glitter on my lids to accentuate my eye make-up because I called it sparkling shadow. Hope you like my tutorial, and keep stay tune for another parts xx


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#RoyalWedding Throwback pays attention for tomorrow’ s #MeghanandHarry

Still give some you of throwback of the #RoyalWedding about past ago between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The fullness of lux wedding ceremony, but the editorials still loved with attire and her make-up look. She choose the Bobbi Brown Make-Up ‘s Artistry named Hannah Martin. She made her in the gorg and flawless make-up (not heavy) but naturally needed for created this look.

8df5759fe1c073746697b263b4db0f74 pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Hannah Martin ‘s Secret from her make-up look are:

  1. Skin Care it’s a must! Especially prime your face, serums, and lipgloss needed for fresh look.
  2. Brighten your face with concealer and conceal underneath your eyes.
  3. As usual, used the bronzers and blush to create the accentuate in your faces, and make your cheek more fresh with pinkish rose shades of blushers.
  4. Took a time with your eyebrows and bronzey shades for eye-shadows colors choice

See her artworks in here ?

You might be adore and like it much as we do .xx


So, what do you think about Meghan Markle ‘s Make-Up look for tomorrow? And… guess it about the wedding gown ❤


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