Bella Hadid: New Face of NARS

After Max Mara, Versace in the Fashion industry also Dior Beauty Campaign she already to be choosen for NARS cosmetics as the model. Francois Nars said “FranΓ§ois Nars has such beautiful energy. He’s taken so many iconic photographs, so for me to have the opportunity to work with him was a dream come true!,” Bella told Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, as I’ve seen from CR Fashion Book Website.

In this new campaign NARS launched the new collections for the make-up inspired by rock and roll theme with the shaggy hair cut for her, and smoky deep eyes all of collections include the Fall Collections with Highlighting Bronzing Collection, and Powermatte Lip Pigment.

Bella Hadid for NARS inspired for Rock and Roll and edgy theme for that. Photo docs: Hollywood Life
NARS Photoshoot Bella Hadid inspired for Rock and Roll make-up inspo. Photo docs: Google Images


Bella Hadid ‘s Fall Collection 2017 Photo docs: Chic Profile

Stella McCartney Launched Silk from Yeast

The luxury brand always think of environmental and the living of the world it’s coming from Stella McCartney. As an English Fashion Designer she was launched the fabrics made from Yeast fiber while another textile factories, and industries still focused on the ethanol and chemical materials. Stella always think about the wearer of her products and the nature.

So she decide to collaborate with Bolt Threads to produce that fabric made from natural materials (Yeast). This company usually made the fiber and all of textile needed with nature ingredients such as: Silk fibers and comes from California.

McCartney hopes this collaborations made the environment more better than before in terms of the human, wearer, the leaving of textile industries because, the development of textile company it’s slower than others they still used the danger materials and some pollutant for the fabrics and coloring.

Stella McCartney 2017. Photo docs: Famous People

The Unbeatable of: Lenny

Dear readers, how are you? Hope you stay good and feel lovely for today and all day. It’s glad to know for know some creativity in my country (Indonesia), so let’s check our designer in Fashion Industry. Absolutely you will love it!

cover lenny
Text & Layout: Nadia Viani ( Download the complete articles on my PDF document in here.


The Unbeatable of Lenny Articles

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Thank you and enjoy x πŸ˜‰

Turn into Black

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Hey it’s me πŸ™‚ used: – Maybelline matte foundation (Light nude) – Make over lipstick (Outrageous 17) – Wardah Eyeliner – Wardah Eyeshadow (Purple and Light Purple) – Nyx brow pencil (Brown) – Revlon Concealer and Whitening Moisturizer Cream


Some brands comes up international brands like Revlon and Maybelline but I also used Wardah due to I live in Indonesia πŸ™‚ You can check the locals make-up collections in here some of them can buy on online or in-store if you come to here. πŸ˜‰


About Beauty and Yourself

Dear readers, how are you? It’s been so long I’m not writing in here due to spend Eid Day in Indonesia. Oh yeah, I also greet who peoples in all around the world who also spend this lovely week with your family πŸ™‚

So, in this post I will talk about feeling beauty which relates to confident and good behavior. Sometimes, teenager and also me still feeling bad in terms of (oh is it me in that mirror? Oh do I look beauty everyday without heavy makeup? Or can I just wish being my favs actresses because I’m not look beauty or I’m really bad so I just feel desperate with that) Did you know? Feeling beauty and comfort with yourself it’s really hard and maybe sometimes getting harder.

But you should see, your friends or another peoples might not be lucky as you, you deserve more than just a happier life with your family, friends, and maybe your lover. You should accept you as yourself might be the one person like you has more lot advantages such as: good hobby, characteristics, uniqueness might be different you with another, or you feeling explore with another criteria in your mind or soul.

Honestly when I was leaving in High school I always think “Do I Look good with myself or I feel bad with myself face?” Sometimes I should distract and against that bad minded (negative mind in my brain) but sometimes feel relief I still have parents, friends, and some people who still cares with me even they aren’t beside me everyday because busy time, in-work, or in-school. But i try believe god made someone with some uniqueness in every each mind, it depends how they behave with themselves. “Love Yourself” as the song made by Justin Bieber, you should try to be good than another even it’s really hard and lots of challenge in your life. People always comes up with problems but god always made the solutions for the peoples who never give up at the lasts.

So do you dare leave your make-up for a while and post your beauty pics showing your greatness to this world because you deserve loves and peace rather than hates or bully. πŸ™‚

Got positive minded always! x

Source: Pinterest (Try always the no make-up selfies because you really beautiful and unique in every people. God never made each other the same because they have different character. πŸ˜‰