The Best Foundations for Oily & Acne Prone Skin 2018


Foundation for oily skin
1. Burt’s Bees 2. Huda Beauty 3. Charlotte Tilbury 4. Clinique 5. L’Oreal

Hey beauties πŸ˜€

Welcome back to my blog. So happy can write again in here, I’m so sorry sometimes I’m being busy but now it’s Friday let’s take a look for the best foundations for oily & acne prone skin. So who’s there? Absolutely me haha but you don’t have to worries I’m choosing some for you to wear for this weekend ❀ Let’s Have a Look!

Acne is the first skin β€˜s problems for every peoples in this world. Definitely they experience about that. Acne it’s the condition where clogged pores and produce the inflamed pus pocket. Covering your acne on all of your skins surface it’s not a good idea for doing that you just need the foundation formula with the great ingredients without alcohol, perfume, and parabens free preferably in the presence of Salicylic Acid because, that ingredient can make your acne decreased for a while and you be able do make-up with beautiful results without scared with your skin can not breathe because of the foundation you use will clog your pores. And I want to post some great brands from Internationally brands. If you are Indonesians you can check also in your local stores for availability xx

  1. Burt ‘s Bees
burt's bees allure
Picture Source: Allure Mag

This Brand got the Beauty Award Winner as Allure Mag ‘s Mentioned in their website. They say ” you can expect this velvety soft powder to whip your T-zone into shape. You can either sweep on the velvety-soft powder with a fluffy brush for light coverage or dab it on with a damp Beautyblender for a full-coverage finish. ” We can expect from this foundation they have smooth texture, it’s still mattifying your skins but not make it crack so c’mon just add to cart for this Foundation ❀

2. Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation

huda beauy elle uk
Picture Source: ELLE UK

The founder of HUDA Beauty “Huda Kattan” she’s always creates the amazing make-up products and always launch new collections for her brand line. We love FauxFilter Foundation are you remember of emeraldxbeauty? I mean on her Instagram she’s has lot of acnes and she deals, loves, and as we seen she’s really beautiful with this foundation. Her skins more smooth, the coverage it’s full so you can covers it really well, and we recommend this to you x

3. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

charlotte tilburry elle uk
Picture Source: ELLE UK

This foundation it’s amazing, they have a SPF 15 so you better wear this for day make-up when the direct sunlight reflect of your skin. This great for your oily skin, and it covers and conceal it better ❀

4. Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Liquid Make-Up

clinique instyle au
Picture Source: InStyle Australia

If you are Indonesians you are often seen this foundation in SEPHORA or our locals store and online store. See this foundation has the Salicylic Acid for Acne treatment and it’s the best way to used it xx

5. L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

loreal infalliblepro matte allure
Picture Source: Allure Mag

Who ‘s not love this brand? I’m the fan of this brand but I never try this foundation. My friends and some beauty bloggers said this great for oily skin and acne prone skin, but the results it’s not really matte which this result it’s semi matte not really oily and dry after used this. Better in 24 hours make-up ❀

So, we have picked some for you. And… what ‘s your fav for your face? Try it for sure ❀

Editorial: myclosets



Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 3

Dear beauties, welcome back to my blog.So happy today I’m changing something new from my blog ‘s appearance wants to be more minimalists, fresh, and looking great for your eyes. And I want post again my tutorials in here, about my tutorial today I’m using the silvery white, icy blue, and black shadows from my eyeshadow palette.Β  So don’t forget to watching and hope you like it xx Enjoy your Friday ❀

ig new aig new b

Sparkling Shadow Make-Up Tutorial Part 2


Dear beauties, welcome back to my blog x

So happy can write today πŸ˜‰ I want to share the new eye make-up tutorial that I’ve got made yesterday in here i’m using the green, gold-ish, and black for my outer corner to make it the eye make-up so pop.Β  And if you want to watch just come to my YouTube channel, and I also post it on my Instagram account in @nadiavianimakeup. Thanks for watching hope you like it πŸ˜‰

ps: want to likes watch Part 1 and other tutorials visits my Instagram or my YouTube channel

ig baruan 1ig baruan 2

#RoyalWedding Throwback pays attention for tomorrow’ s #MeghanandHarry

Still give some you of throwback of the #RoyalWedding about past ago between Prince William and Kate Middleton. The fullness of lux wedding ceremony, but the editorials still loved with attire and her make-up look. She choose the Bobbi Brown Make-Up ‘s Artistry named Hannah Martin. She made her in the gorg and flawless make-up (not heavy) but naturally needed for created this look.

8df5759fe1c073746697b263b4db0f74 pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Hannah Martin ‘s Secret from her make-up look are:

  1. Skin Care it’s a must! Especially prime your face, serums, and lipgloss needed for fresh look.
  2. Brighten your face with concealer and conceal underneath your eyes.
  3. As usual, used the bronzers and blush to create the accentuate in your faces, and make your cheek more fresh with pinkish rose shades of blushers.
  4. Took a time with your eyebrows and bronzey shades for eye-shadows colors choice

See her artworks in here ?

You might be adore and like it much as we do .xx

So, what do you think about Meghan Markle ‘s Make-Up look for tomorrow? And… guess it about the wedding gown ❀



Trend on Board: The Red Carpet Looks

Dear beauties, welcome back to my blogs. Today I don’t have the tutorials so I want to give you some beauty reports those often appears on the red carpet for Met Gala, Cannes Film Festival 2018, and others musics awards. We often see some glitters, bold lipstick, emerald eyeshadow, and shimmery effects for every full face make-up. Because its give accentuate and full attention to your faces especially for eye make-up. If you used the matt shadows don’t forget to stick the little amount of powdery glitters on inner conner of your eyes or just the mid- of your eyelids.

the trend makeup
Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Ashley Graham, Dover Cameron, and Scarlett Johanson. Edited by: myclosets. Source Pictures: Harpers Bazaar

Gigi Hadid

gigi a
Her Make-Up by Patrick Ta. Source: Harpers Bazaar

Her Make-Up artists was great Patrick Ta it’s famous with the bronze, gold-ish (you can check on her latest look of Gigi ‘s on the Red Carpet of Met Gala), and often used glitters and shimmery effect for make-up. Usually combine also with wing-liner in high positions. You can check his portfolio on instagram

Gigi hadid still being on Faces of Maybelline Ambassador, so Ta still using from this cosmetics brand. But special to give you some good choice for this look. You can used:

  • Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dark Purple
  • Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eye-shadow Palettes
  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (Full Coverage)

Her signature look in this pic you just need to find the perfect bold lipstick, if you don’t have the Dark Purple ones you can used red wines colors as the great optional.

Emily Ratajkowski

emily ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski make-up was created by: Hung Vanngo. Source Picture: Harpers Bazaar

She totally looks so flawless on the red carpet. We don’t have to wear the too much make-up just wearing the yellow gold shades mixed with peachy glow eyeshadow. Vanngo used the Gold Marc Jacobs Beauty Eyeshadow from the inner corner of her eye across her entire lid. And, I give some best choice you can used the peachy blusher for complete this look, with glossy orangey lipstick.

Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart a
Metallic Blue Eye make-up. Source: Harpers Bazaar

She wears the metallic blue eye make-up on Cannes Festival 2018. The black, silver, and combine with ice blue eyeshadows shades look more great and calmy with glossy nude lips. This look often seen on the red carpet because we totally loved with bold eyes make-up look! – myclosets

ashley graham
Ashley Graham wear the Revlon eyeshadow on the Oscar ‘s after party. Source: Harpers Bazaar

She wears the green-ish eyeshadow shades from inner corner till the mid of the eyelids. And combine it with the silvery grey mixed with the black shimmer on the outer corner.

Dove Cameron

dove cameron
The grunge look always being favorite of the Red Carpet Looks! Source: Harpers Bazaar

Used the black crayon liner to give the sharp look on the outer corner of your eyes. Create the balayage for your short hair.

Alessandra Ambrossio

alessandra ambrossio
Source Picture: Harpers Bazaar

You can wear the red lipstick as much you needs for special occasion, because this lip colors were classic, and subtle. It can give attention to your fresh make-up but don’t forget you should using the nudes, bronze eyeshadow for calming the tone of colors.

Scarlett Johanson

scarlett johanson
Her purple Eye Make-Up Look. Source: Harpers Bazaar

Or you are very interest with the trend of Colors Pantone in this year? try the purple ones or mixed with soft violet. Combine it with rosy or pink champagne shadows for color transitions shades!

So, which one you will steal those look for your party needs? πŸ˜‰






The Tops Beauty Looks from #METGALA2018

Dear beauties, have you been checked for Met Gala in this year? The phenomenal theme behind it it’s called “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination”. Some actresses, actors, models, and other famous icon wears and dressed up with some cross on it, details of the beads, and glam looks for the make-up. In here, we conclude this year it’s full of glam, glitters, and shimmers effects even Selena Gomez wear the bronzed tanned spray? Idk it’s true or not but what do you think about her look this year? πŸ˜›

gigi harpers bazaar
Her make-up was created by Patrick Ta and used Maybelline for her face. It’s wonderful! Source: Harpers Bazaar
madonna met gala 2018 harpers bazaar
Her headpiece too incredible for this event. Did you know? It’s designed by Indonesian designer from my country Rinaldy Yunardi so proud! Source: Harpers Bazaar
rosie huntington whiteley vanity fair
Love her make-up so fresh! Don’t forget to apply the brownie shades of matte lipstick like her. Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Source: Vanity Fair
sza vanity fair
Her eyeshadow amazing! Used PatMc Grath Lab eye-shadow palette for creating the shimmering blue of her eye. SZA. Source: Vanity Fair
bella hadid
I’m capturing the Bella ‘s outfit in here. Using Latex for it so incredible xx Source: Harpers Bazaar
stella maxwell vanity fair
Stella Maxwell it’s quite simple make-up in here but we still love it with grey-ish eyeshadow shades. So perf! Source: Vanity Fair
Lily collins abc news
I love her outifts, and her make-up. Apply the black emerald beads it’s a good idea to brighten up your eye looks between your darker outfits like her. She hangs Rosario on her hands. Source: ABC News
Of course Rihanna wear Fenty Beauty πŸ˜‰ Source: Pinterest


So which one the looks you adore it from Met Gala 2018? I’m still on Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid πŸ˜‰



The Beauty Place for Shopped the Beauty Things

Dear beauties, welcome to my blog. So today I’m very happy and feel excited because, I got something great and nice gift from and I feel lucky about that. 1000 peoples wins and I’m on it.

sociolla logo 1
Image Source:

Talk about this e-commerce. Was founded by young entrepreneurs from Indonesia they are: Christopher Madiam, Chrisanti Indiana, and John Rasjid. They made this startup. Actually, was provides us such as: Make-Up, Skin Care, Hair Care, and Beauty Tools/Accessories for Indonesian women and reach the wider area all of Indonesian. The brands in this online shopping website also has been certified by BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan). In Indonesia, this organization it’s like the quality control and standardization for cosmetics, drugs, and foods so we feel free and safe to consume all products with labelled on that due to, In Indonesia it’s very higher for counterfeits and imitate cosmetics products. Sociolla also provide us the authentic and original cosmetics and skin care ‘s brands so you don’t have to worry it’s fake brands about that.

beauty journal 1
Source: YouTube of

On the other side, we like to talk about what ‘s the Beauty Journal? This service was provides also from their web where the articles, advise, and trends for make-up and lifestyle at one place so you can read in everywhere. Don’t forget this was made by trusted Beauty Advisor and content writers from them x yay so happy πŸ˜‰ You aren’t just shopping in here but also participate as the writers and content publishers in here.

So if you interest how ‘s works with that? Go to they also available in their website on find on the LOGIN/REGISTER SO.CO and you can make your account for that. See my screenshot of their web under this article.

Screenshot-2018-5-5 Your Online Beauty Destination - SociollaIn SOCO.ID you can being a Beauty Writers you can share the articles about make-up, beauty, and lifestyle. Also, share some tutorials if you have it, and some pictures. Interest point is you can be able to review some your products of cosmetics or skin care if you’ve been shopped in there or not find the brands and you can starts to writing for the reviews. So interest and it’s easier to reach because it’s in one place at all πŸ˜‰ You can shop and being knowledge from this e-commerce. They often make the interest offers such as: Voucher, Discount… and If you are lucky enough same as with me you can get a SOCOBOX!

edit 2edit 1

Source: My Pictures shoots. Taken by: CANON 700D

What ‘s the SOCOBOX? You see on my upper pictures those I’ve been uploaded for you, it’s taken on the Saturday Morning ;). Sociolla give us the promotions if you are make the account in SOCO.ID and updates a Beauty Profile about your skins concerns, what the make-up you likes, what’s the brands you likes for make-up you can win this box. What ‘s inside this pinkish box? The products they given to me it’s the skin care which can solve my problems as the Sensitive Skin. So, it’s really important and good about that. If you like to watching my unboxing come and visits my Instagram on

Thank You for take your time to read my article and Have nice weekend! xx


Nadia Viani

(Nadia Viani Make-Up)





Dear readers welcome back to my blog. And I’m return to here with this look and it’s called “Glam Eyes Make-Up Look (Full Face). I’m create this for photo shoot needed, and I’ll make the tutorial in another days. So keep stay tune β‡πŸ’–

flormar 1flormar 2flormar 3flormar 4


FACES: (check all their products on the Instagram) or follows my Instagram in @nadiavianimakeup

@aveneusa Thermal Srpring Water, Setting Sray
@sariayu_mt Putih Langsat, Skin Brightening Moisturizer

@lorealmakeup True Match, True Blur, Primer
@marcbeauty Genius Gel, Super Charged Foundation, 66, Fawn Deep
@revlon Colorstay Concealer, 03, Light Medium
@sariayu_mt Loose Powder, with Energizing Aromatic, Sawo Matang
@esteelauder Deluxe All Over Face Compact, Pink Kiss, (Silky Powder Blush)
@lorealmakeup Lumi Highlighter, Powder Glow Illuminator, C302 ICE/GLAZE
@lorealmakeup Infallible Pro Contour, Light 813, Clair

@makeoverid Eyebrow Pencil, Brown To Earth
@makeoverid Eyeliner Pencil, Glam Gold
@sariayu_mt 25 Colors Trend, Eyeshadow Palette
@wardahbeauty EyeXpert Optimum Hi-Black Liner, Black
@elise.classic Eyelashes Glue
– Fashion Eyelashes (Natural)

@wardahbeauty Matte Lipstick, 18, Rosy Pink


Dear beauties, welcome back to my blog. So, I just want to share some shoots are taken on 21st April 2018, and that day we spent the Kartini Day in Indonesia. That ‘s why I choose Kabaya as my dress code for taking those pics. Also, I’m choosing some beads especially in Gold colors and I’m stick it on my lips for decorative elements. Are products lists I have written on here so let’s check πŸ˜‰

bagus 3editan 1bagus 2abagus 6bagus 5

Products Used:

  • Avene thermal Spring water Setting Spray
  • Sariayu by Martha Tilaar, Skin Brightening Moisturizer
  • L’Oreal True Match, True Blur, primer
  • Revlon, Colorstay Concealer, 03 Light Medium
  • MAC Cosmetics, Studio FIX Fluid Foundation, NW 35
  • Emina, Bare With Me Mineral Loose Powder, 04 Ebony
  • Body Shop, Shimmer Bronzer, Golden Bronze
  • PAC By Martha Tilaar, Shimmer Loose Powder, Golden Bronze, 05
  • Emina, Cheeklit Pressed Blush, Bitter Sweet
  • Poster Color Waterpaints (GOLD)
  • Reeves, Watercolor Paints
  • KIKO Milano, Smart Cult Eye-shadow Palette (02)
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadow (204)
  • Sariayu by Martha Tilaar 25 Colors Trend Eyeshadow Palette
  • Make Over ID, Eyebrow Pencil, Brown To Earth
  • Wardah Beauty, Optimum Hi-Black Liner, Black
  • Pixy Cosmetics, Waterproof Mascara, Black
  • Elise Eyelashes, Classic Series
  • Elise Eyelashes Glue
  • Gold Beads (for lips decorative)


PS: Some of them comes from Internationally and locally cosmetics products. If you are interest with some locals cosmetics from Indonesia I recommend you to buy through their officially website, of if you are traveling here you can visits some Indonesian Department Store such as: Matahari Department Store.

Here are great locals cosmetics products recommend for you:

  • Make Over ID
  • Wardah Beauty (those trivia eyeshadows are so pigment and the colors are soft)
  • Emina Cosmetics
  • Martha Tilaar (Sariayu, PAC, Biokos, and Caring Colors)
  • VIVA Cosmetics
  • Inez Cosmetics
  • Ivan Gunawan
  • BLP by Lizzie Parra
  • POSY Beauty (if you loved the liquid lipstick and you can get the perfect shades from this products)
  • PIXY Cosmetics
  • Esqa
  • La Tulipe
  • Rivera
  • Fanbo
  • Mustika Ratu