The Unbeatable of: Lenny

Dear readers, how are you? Hope you stay good and feel lovely for today and all day. It’s glad to know for know some creativity in my country (Indonesia), so let’s check our designer in Fashion Industry. Absolutely you will love it!

cover lenny
Text & Layout: Nadia Viani ( Download the complete articles on my PDF document in here.


The Unbeatable of Lenny Articles

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Turn into Black

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Hey it’s me πŸ™‚ used: – Maybelline matte foundation (Light nude) – Make over lipstick (Outrageous 17) – Wardah Eyeliner – Wardah Eyeshadow (Purple and Light Purple) – Nyx brow pencil (Brown) – Revlon Concealer and Whitening Moisturizer Cream


Some brands comes up international brands like Revlon and Maybelline but I also used Wardah due to I live in Indonesia πŸ™‚ You can check the locals make-up collections in here some of them can buy on online or in-store if you come to here. πŸ˜‰


Millennials Pink

When you remember the pink color at the past times. Include barbie β€˜s stuffs and like that this color might be so bright and maybe some people doesn’t wear it because it’s too girly or feminine. But this part of palette talk in the different side, Pale Dogwood, Dusty Rose, and Fuchsia might be right choices as the Millennial Pink in this 21st century. This pink pantone it’s like a symbol for the equality gender in the worldwide both men and women and wear it, also it’s inspired from Tumblr girls blog and people who likes made something that relates to this Pink.

Now, we have a mood board for Pale Dogwood you can wear it anytime and anywhere made you look sweet in this bright summer!

inspiration 2
Mood board by:

Posters Play

Hey readers, happy weekend and Saturday night. Haha actually in here Satnite for me and my family x

Let’s play with my posters design in here, I’ve been made for design, fashion, and art festivals πŸ˜‰

poster design new 1
Poster by:
posters 2
Let’s play with typography words in here πŸ˜‰ Posters by:
poster baru
This good for inspirations of magazines cover x Layout by:


#illustration #postersdesign

Pattern from Past Periods

Nowadays we still seen the pattern in some things such as: Fashion or textiles, home decorations, upholstery, and another home needed. We summarized some examples of the pictures taken from website or google image sources about Patterns.

20’s Art Deco. Source: Google Images
Flamingo Pattern from 20’s era. Art Deco. Source: Pinterest
20's pattern Art Deco
Source: Pinterest
40’s pattern Source: Colourbox
30’s pattern art deco for Night Gown Source: Pinterest
50’s pattern or mid-century pattern Source: Pinterest
Vintage 60’s daisy pink flower pattern Source: Google Images
50’s textile print Source: Pinterest
60’s retro style pattern Source: Pinterest
70’s fabric pattern. Source: Pinterest
80’s pattern. Source: Google Images
80’s pattern. Source: Pinterest
80’s pattern Source: Google Images

So, which one yours? πŸ™‚